My Favorite BBQ Web Sites

I get a lot of people asking for information and suggestions on doing better barbecue, and I find myself always searching for the right web links to send them, so I’m putting them out there for their reference and mine:

Lump Charcoal Reviews –

BBQ Search –

BBQ Forum –

People’s Woods –

Wicked Good Charcoal –

National Barbecue News –

Kansas City Barbecue Society –

BBQ Galore –


6 thoughts on “My Favorite BBQ Web Sites

  1. Thanks for sharing sites of your favorite bbq site but most of them aren’t working anymore. Can you please provide us a list of bbq blog site. Thanks and happy bbqing. 🙂

  2. When choosing your BBQ grills, it is essential that you consider all of the important features to you. From how often you grill, how easy the grill is to clean and set up, what size grates you have to grill on, and how large the smoker is to add the wood pellets to, are some of the many questions you have to ask when you are deciding on the ideal BBQ grills for the planned uses you have. Of course you have to consider the price when choosing the BBQ grills as well, in order to find something that is worth the value, especially if you grill often, and love to get the great wood smoked taste each time you grill your favorite meats.

  3. Golden / it will definitely be dieferfnt. you lose the smokiness. sure you can always add wood chips in a pan, but that’s not really the ame thing to a purest. on the other hand gas is a lot less hassle. real que demands real wood. for many of us that means wood, not often comes down to a lifestyle choice. charcoal, and wood even more so, requires someplace to put your charcoal or wood, somewhere to put the ashes, much move hassle cleaning. gas is like having an outside oven. it’s clean, uncluttered, much easier to clean. gas will come up to temperature quickly; no waiting til the coals get ready, no hassle if you are doing something long and slow won’t need to add fuel.

  4. This reminds me of a clsiasc plantain recipe, which is just to slow roast ripe plantains in the peel until they are basically black on the outside. It is very good, but cavendish bananas will probably not work as a substitute.

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